samedi 5 mars 2016



I just received both at the same time, good synchronization from England :
I am immensely honored to announce I have been selected for the Hugh Davies project residency!!! In tribute to the work of this unique English composer, instrument inventor, educator described as "the world's leading ethnomusicologist", "the most informed person around on the general subject of new instrument"…who played with all my heroes of Improvised Music, John Russell, Adam Bohman, Roger Tuner, Evan Parker, Eddie Prevost among other legends. For those who know my love of improvised music scene in UK you will understand especially my immense joy.
So, I will be two weeks in March at Access Space, in Sheffield, UK who runs Refab Space, a DIY FabLab, and at the University of Leeds to manufacture a new "prepared chamber" with tons of changes and evolutions through resources allocated to me! I promise to come back with a sick instrument !!! I will also lead a workshop for 8 adults to build a special "prepared chamber" so if you are close to Sheffield in March come at Access Space ! I would like to sincerely thank my friends Laurent, Monobloc, Pedro, Bertrand, Ayato, Benedict, Roberto for your permanent support, Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg who was the first to write reviews of my records, putting my work closer to Hugh Davies' research, thanks to Trevor Taylor at FMR records to send me huge archives from Hugh Davies activities (the book takes part of this pack and is awesome readings), Instants Chavirés 'cause the last concert changed all and Sonic Protest to let me design schedule along the year and of course doctor James Mooney of University of Leeds and Jake Harris at Access Space for giving me this chance! I have never participated in this type of competition but perhaps would I do it before. Anyway, from here everything is new, there is so much to do!

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