mardi 26 juin 2018


The next run will take place across London under the british sun! First thanks to all the friends who helped for this mini-tour with all the constraints of each person's diaries, really appreciated!

> BAM ! 30 June, BRÅK #9 - A Series of Improv Nights at waterintobeer, a serie co-curated by London' reed players Cath Roberts, Tom Ward and Colin Webster. Cool enough to play a duo with fantastic saxophonist Colin Webster ; no doubt this time we will play for longer…than our first epic encounter where our names came out of a hat for 7 minutes! Cath Roberts will play duo with Alex Ward. Tom Ward will play duo, as well, with Tim Fairhall.

> BOOM ! 1 July, "I am so excited" to join the London Improvisers Orchestra on their monthly event at I K L E C T I K, also that year is 20th anniversary of the ensemble! So much thanks to Steve Beresford and Adrian Northover to let me be a part of this adventure once again!

> BING ! 3 July, recording session with Adam Bohman and Adrian Northover… We've recorded with Adam 2 years ago (meeting orchestrated by Sonic Protest) but I was "like a virgin" on my instrument and I was not convinced of my game… I have good hopes in this session!
Line up !

Rowland Sutherland - flutes
Neil Metcalfe - flute
Adrian Northover - soprano saxophone
Sue Lynch - tenor saxophone
Harrison Smith - tenor sax
David Ryan - bass clarinet
Roland Ramanan - trumpet
Dave Tucker - guitar
Jerry Wiggens - mandolin
Douglas Benford - harmonium
Steve Beresford - piano
Anton Mobin - objects
Adam Bohman - objects
Crystabel Riley - drums
Dave Fowler - drums

flyer by Adam Bohman

> BONG ! 4 July at King and Queen Pub (Foley Street); I think we will play in a group at a time but on the bill there is a quartet with Adam Bohman (prepared strings and objects), Adrian Northover (saxes, electronics), Sue Lynch (tenor sax, flute and clarinet) and Tom Scott (saxes, clarinets, strings and electronics) and i will play duo with my bro', the superb viola player Benedict Taylor ! ! ! ! ! !

> BIM ! 7 July at Hundred Years Gallery ; very please to play again in this venue, one more duo with Benedict Taylor and a trio of Adam Bohman, Sue Lynch and Tom Scott!

If you are around one of these venues during the next days, come say hello and enjoy the music ! ! !

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