samedi 17 mars 2012

MELD7 on aRew Recordings

Various Artists

Released with aRew Recordings

"MELD7" is the seventh installment to the MELD series of albums by LEZET featuring remixes and collaborations with artists from around the world.

Album feat.collaborations with Audun Forgard, Guttorm Andreasen, Cabrini Green, Anton Mobin, Ken Protecious, Jason Kavanagh, Jared Balogh, Jeremy Samuel Gluck, Rich Wilmer, Anthony Donovan.

A few months ago,
Igor Jovanović (aka Lezet, a very productive one-man experimental music project from Serbia) asked me a remix of his work for his Meld
on-going serie. Among Igor's large production to rework, i chose " Caged? ", the first album which became known to me Lezet and also the album which made me discover the label of Jaan Patterson, suRRism Phonoethics.

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