dimanche 20 février 2011

International Email Audio Art Project - volume 8

Volume 8 of the International Email Audio Art Project is now available online:


featuring tracks from these 60 artists:

melophobia (Greece), Asmodeus X (USA), Homogenized Terrestrials (USA), Eidolon 23 (USA), The Future Sound of Manglerud (Norway), Otto von Rhinau (France), Baskery Caves (USA), Adrian Vom Hove (Germany), Dan Reaves & Travis Johnson (USA), Stalaktos - undRess Béton (Mexico/Germany), Leif Elggren & Jaan Patterson (Sweden/Germany), Mannequin Hollowcaust (USA), David Wampole and Josh Boutwell (USA), Kristian Day & Douglas Burkett (USA), Jared Balogh and Hal McGee (USA), Jim Ivy and Hal McGee (USA), Urdwyg The Goldrr AKA Filthy Turd (UK), The Implicit Order and Bryan Lewis Saunders (USA), Plukx (France), Wehwalt (France), Mikhail Lezin (Russia), Unus Mundus (USA), Bruce Stevens (USA), Jeremy Gluck and Seiei Jack (UK/Japan), Ellipsis (Australia), False Flag (USA), Jeremy Gluck (UK), nundata (Serbia), VEhF (India), Sikcne & Lezet (Serbia), an L after I, an N before E (UK), Syringes' Feast (Italy/Germany/France), Petar Alargic (Serbia), The Fungus Moth & Hal McGee (UK/USA), Zreen Toyz (France), François-Emmanuel Fodéré (France), Gridish (Australia), Tod auf Kredit (Germany), Chris Navatier and Jared Balogh (USA), Alessandra Celletti & Jaan Patterson (Italy/Germany), McGee PBK (USA), John Wiggins and Dave Fuglewicz (USA), Billy Eubank/Josh Boutwell (USA), Russ Stedman & Evan Peta (USA), PBK & Artemis K (USA/New Zealand), Ian Linter (Portugal), Sinus Buds (USA), Blind Mime Ensemble (USA), Ayato & Planetaldol (France), Storx (Germany), kx-second lost puppy revolte (Germany), Noise Club Paralelica & Rohypnoise (France), The Window Tappers (UK), Soliton/Tree (UK/USA), Jeemobon (Japan), Travis Johnson & Hal McGee (USA), Elemental Noise (France), Jeremy Gluck with Rolna (UK/Hungary), Tzii and Nick Jadaszewski (Belgium/USA), Eli Elliott (USA)

Serynges' Feast - Third Episode
by Patrizio Pica (Italiy), Jaan Patterson (Germany) & Anton Mobin (France)

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