vendredi 30 octobre 2020

" VOL. #1" with Andrew Sharpley


"VOL. #1"
Andrew Sharpley & Anton Mobin
C53 limited edition on STEEP GLOSS
digital on Test Recordings

Andrew Sharpley : computer, mix

Anton Mobin : prepared chamber

For some years now, I wanted to make an album using the macro/HD sounds of ASMR videos, which seemed like an obvious source material for a kind of semi-improvised Musique Concrète or sound-collage, but after several false starts, I could never really find a way in until a chance meeting with Anton Mobin led to this collaboration. 
The close-focus tactile quality of Anton's sounds, and the clarity of detail, gestural precision and openness of his playing seemed like a good retort to the hermetic audio-fetishism of the ASMR videos, and opened a door for me to an easy, natural way of working, like a kind of 'audio-essay' or 'drawing with sound', a half-way house between the musical and the visual. It seems like an interesting place to be. 
- A.S, 08.09.2020 

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