vendredi 26 janvier 2018

E B E 4 0

E B E 4 0
H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record n°257
Production HAK, 2017
200 copies, vinyl LP + inserts : 

recto ; 2 series de 6 différents inserts, reproduit 17 fois
verso ; lyrics
15 euros + port

Collaborative project between Black Saturn
and Ayato, Table & Anton Mobin of the Collective H.A.K.
Initiated by Ned Jackson in 2014.

Instrumental versions composed in 2014 between Orléans, Lyon and Paris (France) by Ayato, Table and Anton Mobin,
sent and completed by Black Saturn with sounds and vocals, in Virginia, Illinois, USA.

Black Saturn : vocals, sounds

Ayato : guitar, tapes, turntable, mix B6

Anton Mobin : cassette manipulations, mixes

Table : turntable

Artwork by Abdelkader Benchamma
(from "Random" edited by L'Association)

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