samedi 7 janvier 2017

"Innsbroke / Primitive Future" sur OBS

C60 split tape with Takanobu Hoshino released on the russian label OBS
Order at the label HERE, 6,50 €

ANTON MOBIN  "Innsbroke "

1 Innsbroke (l)
2 Innsbroke (ll)

(tt 29'17)

Recorded on October 2nd 2015 @ p.m.k , Innsbruck, Austria and edited in Paris.
Mastering by Antonio Gallucci.
Thanks to Nadja and Maurice from The Kulturkollektiv ContrApunkt, thanks to Doru Mihail and Denis Shapovalov for their support
Anton Mobin plays cassettes, endless tapes and tape head.

Primitive Future " 

1 Between space and earth
3 FROG ear

(tt 29'17)

I dedicate this cassette to my brother Hopi in U.S.A.
And special thanks for Denis.

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