mardi 31 janvier 2017

"Autonomous Object"

Humanities Lab
University of Sussex, Brighton, ACCA

Participants will make a small instrument into two parts connected by a guitar string. Each of the two elements can be held in one hand. The first element consists of a fan, a switch and a 9v battery. The second part consists of a piezoelectric contact-microphone and a spring fixed on a board (3D printed). The guitar string create the link between the two elements, like a bridge between two towers, attached to both a fan blade and the spring at its end. Ignition of the fan drives the guitar string in a wide rotation and engages vibrations on the spring. Obtaining sound is by direct contact and pressure with the spring support that produces a voltage which reflects the acoustic waves into an electrical signal.
A basic shape is offered to participants, it's up to everyone to turn and see for yourself another design according to the constraint of the materials we have, but everything is still possible!
The challenge is to show simple acoustic principles and give to participants the urge to appropriate these techniques to produce sound differently and give ideas to create new simple interfaces to play daily objects. 

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