mardi 4 mars 2014


Ayato & Anton Mobin
Released on CD by Econore
January 2014

After ten years of constant collaboration w/ Ayato with dozens of discs on H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record, "Dolby Dope" is the first disc published by another label as ours !

Thanks to Julian Flemming !

Enregistré et mixé de 2011 à 2013 entre la Ferme là à Olivet et le Maïzing Studio à Paris, France.

Ayato : tourne disque, guitare préparée, cassettes, sanza, field recordings
Anton Mobin : chambre préparée, cassettes, tape head, zither, field recordings

eco_054 : AYATO & ANTON MOBIN – Dolby Dope

Granular sound bits, field recordings, heavily modified samples, voices in the vain of spoken words and vocal experiments – all that adds up to these nine distinct musical collages that are Dolby Dope by the two French artists Ayato & Anton Mobin.
Recorded and mixed between 2011 and 2013 at la Ferme là à Olivet and the Maïzing Studio à Paris.
Highly detailed sound collages of rich texture and endless stories. Haute couture for your speakers – Haute Cut-up.

Brilliant collages that provoke thoughts that are preferable to any movie.
Pretty priceless on days like these. Seriously.

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