lundi 24 juin 2013

Tales for Tapes #09 à Kobé

TFT9 poster


Vendredi 28 et samedi 29 juin 2013

@ Kobé
29, rue Maurice Berteaux, Ivry s/seine
métro 7 porte de choisy

one night: 8 euros – adhérent: 6 euros
pass 2 nights : 10 euros et on vous offre une cassette contenant une track originale de chaque artiste
> via paypal,

FACE  A, VENDREDI 28 JUIN 2013, 20:30
- Blenno die Wurstbrücke
- Mathieu Garrouste
- :such:
- Al’Ajeri
(Rinus van Alebeek,Jean Bordé, Harold Schellinx)
Sobak Mazouzoute
- Popol Gluant

FACE  B, SAMEDI 29 JUIN 2013, 20:30

- Ayato
She Will Be Beautiful
(Rinus van Alebeek, Anton Mobin)
- Ravi Shardja
- ceMeuble
- Tzii + Rko

WORKSHOP, 2 days :
Harold Schellinx – Found Tapes Exhibition


Bimbo Tower
H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record
Night On Earth
Solis Kanones


Side A
Rinus van Alebeek – Song of my Tapes
Sobak Mazouzoute – Henog
Ayato – Anti-Fa Rhapsody
Glenn Branca vs. Jean Bordé – Paris
Blenno Die Wurstbrücke – Kermesse Jetable
Mathieu Garrouste – Put it on
:such: – Shambach-Delerue Chance Meeting

Side B
Harold Schellinx – 111119128142608619695
ceMeuble – Get Head every Night
Ravi Shardja – 4’58 pour trouver un Hôtel à Port Moresby
Tzii – Tristan without Isolde
She Will Be Beautiful – Couper n’est pas Jouer
Elbis Rever/Rinus – A Hand Full of Summer

C50=2013 is released in an edition of 25 copies. The compilation is made in honor of the invention, the inventor and the 50th anniversary of the cassette tape. It originally was produced as a promo tape, available as a bonus to those who bought a two day ticket for Tales for Tapes #9 , held in Paris on 28 and 29 June 2013.
Lang Leve Lou Ottens !


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