lundi 27 mai 2013

Quirin-Limbach-Mobin on Emitter Micro !

Hopek Quirin, Anton Mobin, Kris Limbach

Released on Emitter Micro
CD,  300 copies 

8 € + port : order > emitter19 {at} gmail {dot} com

recorded by kris limbach on 27th of january 2012 at emitter19
mixed separately by anton mobin and hopek quirin & kris limbach
arranged and mastered by hopek quirin and kris limbach at emitter19

Hopek Quirin : bass, effekts, diktaphone
Kris Limbach : drums, rotors, microphones
Anton Mobin : prepared chamber, cassettes

layout: hopek quirin & ploy
cover photo: kris limbach


A disc of improvised music, but with some curious ideas and instruments. I am not sure if any of these three players ever was in Vital Weekly, but here we have Hopek Quirin (bass, efekts, diktaphone), Kris Limbach (drums, rotors and microphones) and Anton Mobin (prepared chamber, cassettes). Especially the 'prepared chamber' gave me some thinking. What is that? The music was recorded on January 27th 2012 at Emitter19, but then the cover says: 'mixed separatly by Anton Mobin and Hopek Quirin & Kris Limbach', which is also something that left me a bit puzzled. How am I to envisage this 'mixed separately' exactly. I honestly couldn't tell. There are seven pieces from these sessions on this disc, and these are all quite interesting mixtures of the instruments, bass and drums, on one side and whatever else, more electronic, goes on. Sometimes it all seems be put together in a rather random fashion, but then some of these pieces sound strangely (?) coherent, such as 'Ymalspium', with its rhythm provided by 'rotors' on the cymbals, or the deep drones from diktaphone rumble on 'Adioscoper'. It seems that the pieces which are a bit longer, are also the ones which are a bit more chaotic. There is a curious lo-fi element in this music, which works quite well, but which is hard to pin down. Hardly any post processing is used, and the bass and drums sound usually as god intended, but there is so much other stuff going on, in the area of electro-acoustics which mingle very nicely with exactly that kind of free play of those instruments that it sounds like processed. A very refined raw diamond.

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