mercredi 20 juin 2012


A partir de 18:00 (gmt+1)
Sur la webradio KKWNE !


Release radio show party for their album "Rêveries paranoïaques"
out on H.A.K Lo-Fi Record, N°233 !
AMSW#43 is a part of the Radio Actif Tour of Tünel to celebrate and promote the H.A.K. release !

Monobloc Sound Fidelity (fr) : Guitar / electronic
His first contact with music was in the 80’s with Cisco C. in the experimental death metal band Sodome & Gomorrhe.
Jérôme Florenville (aka Monobloc Sound Fidelity) managed the microlabel Shambala records in the 90’s (11 CDs of experimental music from Osaka Bondage to Keiji Haino & Jean-François Pauvros).
Since almost 20 years, Jérôme is one of the activists of the radio show Epsilonia devoted to all kind of unusual musics (Radio Libertaire 89.4 FM Paris).
Monobloc Sound Fidelity is a member of OLEO Strut, a French-italien band based on electro-acoustic improvisations. Oleo Strut is composed by 3 French & 3 Italian guys : (FR) MonoblocSoundFidelity, Ravi Shardja & aka_bondage, (IT) Xabier Iriondo, Mattia Coletti and Roberto Bertachini.
Monobloc Sound Fidelity’s first release was on Stomoxine net label (field recordings, tapes works, electronics). He collaborates too with the brasilian furious noise maker Szbutä Soröh, in a CDr released on Colin Johnco Records.

Cisco C. (fr) : cello, bass, computer
Cisco C. studies classic cello during 11 years before falling into the experimental death metal group Sodome & Gomorrhe  with Monobloc Sound Fidelity.
After several experiences in the underground sphere, Cisco C. started with electronic music in the early 90’s. For years, he practiced under several names.
After 20 years, Monobloc Sound Fidelity and Cisco C. refound a duet called Tünel… 
They now explore instant composing and improvisation music.

ANTON MOBIN (fr) : Prepared chamber, cassettes, electronics
Host of A Maïzing Session With...
"We are always in microcosms with Anton Mobin, small things that become audible, manipulations that ultimately create a kind of black hole and around it, a whole sound universe is organized : all will be suck up. Tension, respiration, rhythmic articulation, material analog, remote space."
(Darby Mullins, nov. 2011)

Program :

- Monobloc Sound Fidelity + Cisco C. + Anton Mobin

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