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l o n d o n r e p o r t

Credit photos mentioned under the pict : by Anthony Donovan, Matt Chilton, Naresh Kaushal, Andy Newcombe
When no mentions, photos taken by Anton Mobin 
Audio journal by Anton Mobin, recorded in London in May 2012.
Edited in Paris during the listening for a spontaneous report.
Posted on-line without authorization of the protagonists, because I consider that these recordings put nobody in danger, that each has knowledge of my activity of sound archiving and to finish, the microphone is never hidden but outstanding of all...

First, all this tour would not have been possible without the enormous support of Will Connor, Anthony Donovan, Matt Chilton from Vultures Quartet, Kunal at chaos Theory and Art Terry at Resonance FM.

May, 20th, 2012

Mopomoso was founded in 1991 by guitarist John Russell and pianist, trumpeter and composer Chris Burn to promote improvised music and where applicable its relationship to other forms of contemporary music making.
So, you can easily imagine my pleasure to play there !

The place is beautiful, also called The Vortex Jazz Club, a quite smart venue and all people here were very kind. A special mood flight here: Chelsea just won the day before the Champions league !

I played first. My set was not fantastic, the first concert in London...lets make your opinion !

Photos and video by Andy Newcombe (Shuffleboil)
Visit :

May, 21th, 2012
day off

A great night of free jazz music and incredible musicians in a beautiful boat !
I keep in mind the most impressive viola player i've ever seen Benedict Taylor
I hope to welcome him soon in Paris !

Some great photos by Andy Newcombe (Shuffleboil) on his website : 

My only one regret this night; impossible to record boat sounds due to the pop music playing upstairs... arfff !

I can't leave the evening without buy something as a souvenir. So i choose this book of poems by Karin Dahlbacka, in collaboration with Sibyl Madrigal, the organizer of the boat ting events.

May, 21th, 23th, 24th, 2012


I know Vultures Quartet since 2 years. Vultures Quartet is a trio composed by Anthony Donovan (half prepared guitar, objects), Will Connor (percussions and bicycle) and Matt Chilton (laptop, mixer, guitar, and more) plus a guest.We were all together for the Black Mass Rising in Paris, organize by Colin Johnco, Shazzula and me (Pixi's gig).

I had the pleasure to host a radio show AMSW#9 with Vultures with Daniel Beattie for the webradio KKWNE : it was for me one of the best session at home. Unfortunately, my mixer was so little and i was unable to improvise with them this day...

This year, Anthony Donovan comes again in Paris to play different gigs for the Classwar Karaoke tour in Paris.

All these 3 artists are fantastic musicians with a such impressive way to practice together ; 3 days' session will probably change my way to play in collaboration in the future.

We settled in Matt's comfortable place. The sun was so hot, the environment so pleasant to make a good work. The saloon is full of materials ; an impressive mountain of objects, weirds and unknown devices !

During these 3 days, we recorded around 4 hours of sounds. So many good materials to release a project together : so Stay tuned !

Matt Chilton , The Noiseist ! He is !!
With my configuration, it's quite always difficult to play with a laptopist
Now i know that if I had to play with this kind of artist, I prefer playing with Mr Chilton !

Will Connor 's set up consists a a large range of ethnic and occidental percussions, upgraded by a bicycle ! yes !! His touch is precise, minimal and extremely fine, subtle dose of sensibility behind this strong man !
Anthony Donovan 's set up
It seems Anthony can play on everything and produce an amazing sound with quite nothing.
His listening is very sharpened and its choices of integration in a band are always sensible.

Anthony 's half guitar

 My classical and complete set up

May, 22th, 2012

Photo by Matt Chilton

We continue the adventure at Resonance FM.
Everybody in France and probably in Europe know this radio station and i was finally a surprise to learn that Londoners themselves were not so impressed to play there. Like a usual thing between friends. Well for me, again, a extreme pleasure to enter in this famous place and discover all the great team working here.

Photo by Anthony Donovan

The radio show was planned at 8 pm. Will Connor is the host of the show, helped by Sara for the technical aspect of the show. Just a few words for Sara : I never think of having met a person with such a talent and such an efficiency during a sound check: we were 4 settled in the studio, no easy set up, the sound check has put 5 minutes and the sound was of an incredible comfort in the headphone. I think that the present listeners took advantage of a very good sound... Looking forward to get back podcasts !
Will Connor & Sara
Matt Chilton
Anthony Donovan
Adio Lawal-West

Improvised session with :
Adio Lawal-West : Guitar, voice
Anthony Donovan : half guitar, balloon, objects
Matt Chilton : No input mixer
Anton Mobin : Prepared Chamber, objects, cassettes


After a drink at Kings Arms Pub all together, we go back at the radio station to play a second session at midnight on the delicious invitation of Art Terry in his own radio show dedicated to Black Music!
Just amazing !!! We played 3à minutes more all 4 together !

Art Terry
Photos by Anthony Donovan

Adio Lawal-West gave such a good spirit to the session. Totally improvised, we played in a good harmony for a second time in the same day. Adio is part of those artists where all seems easy and all become possible in this way ! Thanks Adio !!

May, 24th, 2012

3 lives acts:

Anthony Donovan : half guitar, feedbacks, objects
Matt Chilton : Pure Data, water
Will Connor : Percussions

ANTON MOBIN : Prepared Chamber, objects, cassettes

JO QUAIL : Cello, feat. Will Connor

+ Collective improvisation

All my respect and admiration for Kunal Singhal who did a great job to organize this night of good music. More of that, i'd like to send all my wishes to Tony Wakeford of Window Tappers who was unable to be with us this night...
Thanks a lot to Naresh Kaushal who did a crazy photographic work during the night !

Anthony Donovan of Vultures
Matt Chilton of Vultures
Will Connor of Vultures
Jo Quail
Collaborative improvisation
Photos by Naresh Kaushal

Congrats to Kunal Singhal at Choas Theory for the organization

Ahhh please ! Another expensive double expresso  plus a last photo taken by Victoria with my good fella Will Connor and it's time to come back in Paris. Thanks Will & Victoria for your warm welcome in your sweet home and all you did for me during this week !
I & Will Connor
b a c k  h o m e, burning behind the window !

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