mercredi 29 février 2012

SURVEY0017 on Classwar Karaoke

Published by Classwar Karaoke
February 29th, 2012
Various Artists

In garnering this, we eagerly swooned, enamoured ... such beauty, and by friends to boot. Elsewhere, by some digress, the unnumbered things of faux-authority and [sic]-desire, hidden by assertion itself, are struck upon historicism's bloodless screen. We fart towards them - incendiary. Their Is is all Pan, Pantheon, Pangea etc.; its haunted processions are timorous and aggressive in equal measure - a fraught hinterland of Unverständlichkeit, in a sea of ... you know ... Nid-nod Adorno & c., or Id Vicious, or a Quartertonal Prog Elvis, jape-clogging for Eno-Obscene-O. Nowhere do we, no friends of the island, see machines failing such general congress. Instead, we knock on its walls, wailing ... one, two... 13 o clock, rock ... 92 men-, women- and children-strong

We humbly dedicate this survey to the memory of our friend and Classwar Karaoke contributor, Richard Lainhart, who died 30th December 2011. Richard contributed some truly lovely music; and we urge you to explore the whole of his material if he is new to you... a great musician and a sad loss.

 Four Red Moons by Anton Mobin

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