mercredi 4 janvier 2012



Anton Mobin & Deadzoo
Released by Zeromoon

All sounds by Adrian Beentjes & Anton Mobin
Mixage : Anton Mobin
Mastering : Adrian Beentjes
Duration : 19 minutes 13 seconds
Artwork : Darby Mullins
Production : 2011
Release date : January 2012

Micro Sounds Biopsy (19:13) MP3 Flac

Born 1979 in Orleans, France. Anton Mobin lives and works in Paris, France. Sound artist, radio producer : his sound activities evolve in two parallel and complementary universes : improvised music and radiophonic creation. Anton Mobin curates the network Impronet and leads the label H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record with many others french artists...

Anton Mobin is engaged in a real surgical operation. We assist in biopsy of an audio cassette and its box closest to the microphone. The cassette is put in naked, opened, tape out. Manipulation with ten fingers, the magnetic tape is creased, stretched, cut and rubbed directly in the contact of the microphone. The plastic creaks, distort then splits... Sacrificed to micro-sound textures of intensities and colors... It is also question of objects diversion, using an audio support to produce sound by itself : here, cassettes are played without players and cassette players are not used to read tape ! Traditional tape head becomes a decoder to transform information of any bank card or transport tickets in sound. Mainly those recordings are used in a raw way and some were processed.

Born 1973 in Philadelphia, USA. He lives and resides with family in Northwest England. Adrian is a self-confessed sound obsessive. His passions align in sound explorations, field recording, mixed/multi-media arts, live performance and unrecordism. He leads the collective Classwar Karaoke with Anthony Donovan and Jaan Patterson and currently producing sound works under the project name of Deadzoo...
Adrian Beentjes works on his own simple electronic machines and home-made instruments, applying a subtle dose of circuit bent electronics which tips over totally; the composition to an analogical universe. Adrian assembled 555, 4093 and 386 ic's specifically for this project to explore new possibilities and basic means. Also, we can list some elements and instruments used by Adrian : tapehead, coil pickup, bc8 synthesizer, circuit bent toys, field recording, micro-cassette battery drain, dc motors, piezo acoustic setup, voice, live feedback, and computer process.

Many thanks to Jeff Surak at Zeromoon for his precious support

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