mercredi 3 août 2011

"Under A Big Red Sun" on ZOS KIA SOUNDS

Under A Big Red Sun
Various Artists

This release is a two disc CD compilation of bands & artists from around the world.
Zos Kia Sounds is a Oakland, CA (usa) based record label.
(Proceeds all go to OxFam International)

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‪Solar Cult - walking bird‬
‪Vultures Quartet - Dreaming of Jenkin Brown‬
‪Deglet Noor Fakirs - Valmara Duststorm‬
‪Blind Cave Salamander - Il pinguino volante‬
‪Big Brother On Acid - Chaos sigil-1‬
‪FluiD - What Is War‬
‪Blind Willies - Jezebel‬
‪Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Thee Time of Future Events‬
‪Clark Meremeyer - pishdaramad-e segah‬
‪Anton Mobin - Sound materials of reconstruction‬
‪Ain Soph Aur - DreamGlop‬
‪John Garcia - Aguacates tumbacatres‬
‪Lords of Chaos - War City‬
‪Fancy Space People - Fancy Space People (Theme)‬
‪Window Tappers - Bruises‬
‪Hans Keller - Hyrax‬
‪Murmurists - Soprano Gory‬
‪Pulvis Sol - Here I Am‬
‪PAS - Telepathic Rain Race‬
‪Erik Walker - They Just Drifted Away‬
‪Philippe Petit & Perceval Bellone - Der Abschied Ewig‬
‪Shield Your Eyes - ArcFlash‬
‪Neither/Neither World - Angel's Eyes‬
‪Seesar - The Gease of Tsathoggua‬
‪Zettaimu - On Sowaka ‬

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