mardi 19 juillet 2011


------------Friday, August 12th, 2011------------

Oranienstrasse 42, Berlin Kreuzberg
Free Entry

21h * KRAPOOLA MANOSLIGERAS (interim Muzak)

David Gomez aka KRAPOOLA MANOSLIGERAS is a chaotic virtuoso of the weird and abstract. His performance sometimes consists of contact mics and amplified trash, his DJ-sets usually mix three vinyls together (one played normal speed, one double/half speed, one backwards), his artwork is himself. In the last few years he’s opened for the likes of Sunn O))), Black Dice, Faust, Felix Kubin, Zs, Fennesz, Earth, Silver Apples and many more. His Dadaist approach to the concept of music and its general meaning and perception and most of all the implementation of it, makes some people leave the venue within 3 minutes but others remain baffled and drawn into the various timespeeds and curios of KRAPOOLA.

22h *
SHE WILL BE BEAUTIFUL (tape narration)
Duo w/ Rinus van Alebeek

We will play two sets
one based on popular songs of long ago
the other one based on recordings of tales for tapes#7

She will be Beautiful is the name of the collaborative Moment between tape narrators Anton Mobin and Rinus van Alebeek. Their live presentations combine Stravinskian rage with the phoenicean brutality of sixties stage heroes like Pete Townshend or Jimmy Hendrix. In between these extremes the connaisseur of contemporary and not so contemporary music can recognize influences of Pergolesi, Bach, Antheil and Mobin/van Alebeek at a sometimes incredible speed.

"concerts by She will be Beautiful are the best energizers you can get."
Thurston Moore after their concert in Paris last year...

Both curator of the serie of live events TALES FOR TAPES, in Paris, Berlin, Brussels... dedicated to Cassettes manipulation.

------------Saturday, August 13th, 2011


@ Staalplaat basement - Flughafenstrasse 38, Berlin (U8 Boddinstrasse)

4/5 €

* Anton Mobin : Solo collision (Tape head, prepared chamber)

* CoCo (voice, electronics)

------------Sunday, August 14th, 2011------------

Donaustrasse 112, Berlin Neukölln

4 €


* B l i n d D a t e : Anton Mobin & JD Zazie (Valeria Merlini)

* Young Horse Piano
(Angie Yeowell & Rinus van Alebeek)

> Some words by Rinus :

My set up for this Berlin Summer Tour 2011

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