mercredi 24 décembre 2008

rmxCGN - Soundmap of Cologne

In summer 2008 the crew from Soundmap of Cologne invited musicians, remixers and homerecordists all over the place to use any fieldrecordings we once put on the soundmap; to compose, mash-up and produce individual soundscapes from Cologne.

The product is called rmxCGN and contains five different sonic journeys through Cologne by Mark Tamea, ANTON MOBIN, Tam Burger, Grammophon and Vera Vermon. All songs from rmxCGN are licenced under Creative Commons Share-alike (by-nc-sa de 3.0).

Marcus Kuerten and Marco Medkour from konkretourist would like to thank all artists that took part in this “remix competition”! 25 minutes of greater ambient & concrete music - enjoy!


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