lundi 27 octobre 2008


PARIS-PLAGE (14'24'')

Paris-plage by Anton Mobin – A 15 minutes soundwalk from Paris‘s summer attraction

Each year a 3 kilometers-long area at Paris‘ River Seine turns into a public beach where everyone can relax, chill and simply enjoy hanging up at the city beach. French sound artist Anton Mobin visited this urban event twice in summer 2008 to collect 4 hours of sound. After first audition, he turns the recordings into 2 hours of material. At the end he condensed the remaining 2 hours into a 15 minutes sound postcard, a soundwalk through Paris.

The first day of recordings was on August 15th, which is a holiday in France: A lot of people came to visit Paris-plage: These recordings are dense and charged with many sonic events. Anton returned to Paris-plage's site on August 20th, an ordinary workday, which was very different with a weaker attendance rate. This day Anton was able to make more meticulous sound recordings leaving the place retail.

Paris-plage is considered to be a „radiophonic work“, says Anton Mobin.

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