samedi 13 novembre 2021

X°=1 by "The Art Of K7" vol.1 on Steep Gloss


X°=1 by "The Art Of K7" volume 1

Released on November 2021 on Steep Gloss

X°=1 are Har$ (Harold Schellinx), Emmanuel Rébus, Blenno Die Wurstbrücke & Anton Mobin playing cassettes.


Recorded at La G, Paris, May 2015. 
Mixed by X°=1, 2021 

Cover collage by Blenno Die Wurstbrücke with Hey Noh 

Track selection by Ross Scott-Buccleuch for Steep Gloss 

Dedicated to Lou Ottens (1926 - 2021), inventor of the audio compact cassette 

Inside photo by Arthur Chambry 

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