lundi 9 mai 2016

Amplified Objects: Hugh Davies Project Exhibition

Hugh Davies Project Exhibition
and Performance feat. Anton Mobin & Charlie Collins

Friday 13th May 6pm-9pm
Exhibition preview and improvised perfromance by Anton Mobin and Charlie Collins

Exhibition runs until 30th June - open Wed, Thu, Fri 11am -5pm.

Hugh Davies (1943–2005) was an experimental musician and composer well-known for his ad hoc self-built musical instruments. Davies’s instruments were constructed from every-day objects, amplified via contact microphones or magnetic pickups so that the otherwise inaudible tiny sounds could be heard. His first concert instrument—the Shozyg (1968)—included two fret-saw blades, a ball-bearing furniture castor, and a spring, mounted inside the cover of a book. The amplified sounds of these objects created a mesmerising sound-world of metallic crackles and scrapes as Davies played the instrument with fingers or accessories such as screwdrivers and toothpicks.
In March 2016, Access Space hosted a two-week residency with the instrument-builder Anton Mobin. The purpose of the residency was to build a new musical instrument that was both an extension of Anton’s own practice, and a ‘tribute’ to Hugh Davies. The result was a new ‘Prepared Chamber’—a custom-built wooden box fitted with strings and electric motors as well as several contact microphones and magnetic pickups, to which various sound-producing addenda such as springs can be attached, amplified, and played.
Anton Mobin’s new Prepared Chamber had its debut performance at Access Space on Friday, 11 March 2016, in a concert of improvised music by Anton Mobin (Prepared Chamber), Benedict Taylor (viola), Adrian Beentjes (self-designed modular electronic instruments) and Alex McLean (live coding). The concert included four categories of live electronic music: amplified conventional instruments; amplified self-built instruments; modular electronics; and live coding.
At the end of the residency (12–13 March), a weekend workshop was held. Eight participants built their own instruments, using contact microphones and magnetic pickups to amplify the sounds of every-day and found objects. The workshop made full use of the fabrication facilities at Access Space. Eight new Prepared Chambers were built by the workshop participants.

This exhibition is supported by:
The Science Museum, Arts and Humanities Research Council, Arts Council England & Leeds University

Anton Mobin & Charlie Collins - Improvised Performance:

Anton will be using the "prepared chamber" he created and play to such great effct during his residency earlier in the year.

Here's a brief biog of Charlie:
Charlie Collins is a creative percussionist, free polyrhythmic drummer, and sound artist, based in Sheffield, UK. His music continues to explore the boundaries between pure sound and rhythm, frequently incorporating metal percussion and/or freely associative drumming. In the 1970s he was involved in the nascent “Industrial” scene, being an early member of ClockDVA, and founder of The Box, recording for cult labels Industrial, Fetish and Doublevision. He has received a number of awards for live performance and composition, worked in dance and theatre, taught improvisation at Nottingham Trent University, and toured the live soundtrack to Teinosuke Kinugasa’s silent masterpiece “A Page Of Madness”. More recently he has been a member of altoist Sonny Simmons Quartet, performed and recorded with komungo player Eun-Jung Kim, worked with Japanese experimentalist Ryoko Akama, has duos with both legendary New York trumpeter Ted Daniel and pianist Yoko Miura, and collaborates with visual artist Bongsu Park. He is one of a handful of musicians to have played both Derek Bailey’s Company Week and Top Of The Pops.

photo, Nick Taylor

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