lundi 17 novembre 2014

" Reality is Not ! " on Andestapes


by Alexei Borisov, Olga Nosova, Anton Mobin & Ayato
Released on cassette by Andestapes

Limited 3 colors edition of 50 copies

Some sounds recorded in France @ La Ferme Là, Olivet and Maïzing Studio, Paris (France), and others sounds recorded in Russia @ Strogino and Prospekt Vernadskogo home studios in Moscow (Russia).

Mixed & mastered by Ayato @ la ferme là, Olivet, France.

Ayato plays prepared guitar, guitars, bass, tapes, TR606, dictaphone
Anton Mobin plays fretless bass, microphones, tape head, cassettes, prepared chamber
Alexei Borisov plays guitars, voices, electronics, drums
Olga Nosova plays drums, voices, electronics, bass and some other instruments


01_Who What
02_Talkin' about...reality
03_En Harley Davidson
04_Âpre mention
05_Pilgrim's Walk
08_Aggressive idealism  reality
10_Mis en oreille
12_Via Cherubini

Many thanks to Tomas Tello at Andesground for the great design for this cassette ! ! !

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