jeudi 13 février 2014

"Microcassette Chain Compilation" - v/a (MOMA122)

Microcassette Chain Collaboration
- initiated by Rafael González late October 2013
- completed early February 2014

Side A

1) Rafael González "Towards Jacksonville"
- Olympus S-701 microcassette recorder, cassettes, toys, field recordings, small synthesizers (no keys,  of course), radios and especially the microcassette manipulation  during recording.

2) Fiver's Stereo (Jay Peele) "The Truth Must Win"
- Olympus S-701 microcassette recorder, Steim cracklebox, ukulele, didgeridoo, voice, drum set, &  Vichitra Veena.

3) Seth Ossachite Stephens "Simulation Of Sensation"
Sony microcassette-corder M-450,  angklung, hit stix 2, souvenir drum, warpspeak, military  sounds, dolphin sounds(inaudible ) and splices from Special Agent  Dale Cooper's microcassette.

4) Dave Fuglewicz "Garage" 11/30/2013
RCA RP3538 microcassette recorder, Weird Sound Machine VST, improvised various presets.

Side B

5) Der Domestizierte Mensch (Marvin Marvinson) "Microkaos"
Sony M-425 microcassette recorder, one (first) take, improvised with a Kaossilator.

6) Anton Mobin "Untapetled#4"
-is an improvisation with cassettes in which i develop this concept of "hand written tape" starting with a blank tape
-(more infos here;
- The final outcome of this project presented here is the result of an experience in several stages :
Step 1: The starting point is a blank new tape and using various engraving tools (knife, pen, needle, punch), I engrave, register, puncture, damage, twist, scratch, wrinkle, stretch, wet or/and burn the virgin magnetic tape.
Step 2: Different listenings and recordings of the side A and then auto-reverse to listen to the side B with portions of the engraving process that pierced right through the tape. The silence of the tape drives powerfully as rugged of mal-treated tape.
Step 3: From previous sound materials : preparation of different tracks improvised, mixed live and record in real time on new blank cassettes.
3 cassettes "play" are produced, one with safe original sounds from step 1.
Step 4: Improvised session Maïzing Studio Paris, with 4 cassette magnetophones + a tape head.

7) Igloo Martian: "untitled"
I used a circuit bent sesame street toy a circuit bent eq pedal my voice-an alesis wedge- my amp- a boss dd-7 delay and a circuit bent over drive pedal.

8) Brava Centauri (Roberto Rosaly) "La Frecuencia de Mensajes"
Sony M-677V Microcassette-corder, Casio CTK-471, Uniden Dect 6.0 Digital Answering System, Poetry of Julia De Burgos (read by Myrtelina Rosaly), Studio App, Sonnet Multi-band transistor radio.

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