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Split tape on Palustre Records

Rinus Van Alebeek / Anton Mobin - split tape
Released on Palustre Records ⎢⎢⎢ limo 052
c(60) Limited to 50 copies - sprayed tapes
6 euros

"Liebe Neurose & Christliche Moral" by Rinus Van Alebeek
"Day by day" by Anton Mobin

Palustre's text:

It's been a while since I first met Rinus and his rolling circus of magnetophones. Here you get a someway threatening collection of analog sounds, tape atomization, and spoken words.
Anton Mobin works perfectly as a companion on this split release, this capturer of fleeting moments based in Paris seems to be surrounded by some strange sounds...
File under: environmental metaphysics, subliminal field-recs.

Side A : "Liebe Neurose & Christliche Moral"
Artists : Rinus van Alebeek
> excerpt <

1. Beromünster
2. Sonate für eine Seiltänzerin
3. On the road to Medina
4. Royal Ice Figure Skating
5. The Smell of Old Books
6. Bandrekorder 59
7. Decoding Ancient Kung Fu Masters
8. Odeon

all sounds were recorded by an unknown radio engineer. U. Gessner and Rinus van Alebeek.

Compiled in Wuppertal and in Berlin, March 2010 by Rinus van Alebeek.
Lectors appear at courtesy of cultural heritage and thanks to the quality of magnetic tape.

All persons on this release are purely fictional.
No animals were harmed in the process of recording or composing.

Thanks to Michele, Aldo, Anton and Barbara.

This release is dedicated to my friends and colleagues in Italy who
for decades already have to face indifference and the culture of the nonfregismo.
Spring 2010.

Side B : "Day by Day"
Artist : Anton Mobin
> excerpt <

Track1 : Day off
Track2 : Dys-Appointment
Track3 : Tout enregistrer
Track4 : Fait le jour
Track5 : Four years old
Track6 : Oui deux fois
Track7 : Prepared chamber
Track8 : Great Day

All field recordings in Paris till 03.23.2010 to 03.30.2010 by Anton Mobin
Mix day after day & master in March 2010 at the Maïzing Studio – Paris (France)

All persons on this release are recorded without their knowledge.

Thanks to Michele, Aldo, Rinus & Lysvia.
Dedicated to my father...
Spring 2010.

//////////// Many thanks to Michele Mazzani at Palustre ////////////

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