mercredi 1 décembre 2010


December the first, 2010

"I was always curious to see the inside of a musical card of Christmas.

Once dissected, it turns out that the system is of disconcerting simplicity; a plastic pull connector activates the switch when you open the card, and the speaker is a piezzo microphone in a plastic hull.

This bugged sound is played by switching On and Off rapidly, with the plastic pull connector."

Anton Mobin


---P R O J E C T---

Sound Diaries wanted to do something ambitious with the Sonic Advent Calendar this year on the Sound-Diaries website and to use it as a gallery or showcase for work by lots of different recordists. In previous years, Felicity Ford and Dr Paul Whitty have recorded all the Advent sounds ourselves. We don’t mind doing this, but I thought this year it would be interesting if we had many more people involved!

Recordings need to be 24 seconds long and the only real rule is that the sounds should be unprocessed – that is, no special effects should be added on to the sounds in post-production. Otherwise, there are no restrictions on what can go in the Advent Calendar. The deadline for submitting sounds is 30th November 2010, so that we can organise the running order to be released, day by day! This is a collage, a scrap-book of sounds, a bricolage of Advent-style sonic, Xmas-anticipation and your sounds are needed.

The basic idea for the project is that from 1st December to 24th December a different sound by a different recordist will feature on the site daily, so that visiting it each day is like peeling back the little doors on a paper calendar, to reveal a surprise sound underneath.

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