lundi 29 novembre 2010

Grand Foutoir #5 on H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record


Released by H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record

Recorded Live at NK (Berlin) in January 2010
Mixed at the Maizing Studio (Paris) in May 2010 by Anton Mobin
Cover art by Darby Mullins

"LE GRAND FOUTOIR" is a game of improvisation pulled in dices, guided by a "referee".
It takes part in the regular events organized by the collective H.A.K.
For the fifth edition, Le Grand foutoir had settled down in NK, Berlin Neukolln on the delicious invitation of Julian Percy.

This session was broadcasted in direct on the Webradio KKWNE

Visit NK projekt, Berlin


SVETOMUSIKA LAB (Moscow/Russia) : laptop, steel guitar

SAWATZKI (Canada/Berlin) : violin

EL GUSANO ROJO (Berlin) : super collider

LAIN (Berlin) : nord modular, analog filter

MANECANTE (Berlin) : usine sensomusic

RINUS VAN ALEBEEK (NL/Berlin) : radio on

ADRIAN SHEPHARD (UK/Berlin) : radio on

DENIS MC CARTY (Lyon/France) : gyrathomics radio, tapes

ANTON MOBIN (Paris/France) : objects, tapes

LYSVIA MAIZ (Paris/France) : referee

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