samedi 18 septembre 2010


About Sound Diaries

The Sound Diaries initiative is focused around sound-recordings and sound-texts and the ways in which we can use sound as a document of our lives. It is hoped that you will join in with the project contributing your views, sound-recordings, sound-texts, project ideas and perspectives on the notion of Sound Diaries.

What is a Sound Diary? Why create a Sound Diary? What period does it cover: minutes, hours, days, weeks, years? How much of that period will it capture? How do Sound Diaries relate to written diaries, or photo albums? What is a sonic snapshot?

The Sound Diaries project will be organized online using blogging software, allowing regular and frequent updates to the site to be easily managed. The use of blogging software also means that visitors to the site will be able to leave comments, to remark on what has been posted and to promote work in real-time. We are interested in involving as many people as possible in this project and in the website having a dual function as both a collection of ideas, and an online showcase for artists working in this territory.


Anton Mobin - Micro Sound Diary 08


MICRO SOUND DIARY 08 is twenty one successive micro sequences recorded with a dictaphone on micro cassette, during one week holidays in August 2010, in Le Croisic (44 - France).

It consists of three short sequences recorded a day, which gives a piece chained mostly with the elements of the marine world (sea, sand, birds, buckles of mooring…)

Each sequence is chosen according the previous one to create the chain.

The choice to use a dictaphone is to be very reactive with the sound you want to capture.

Of course I could use a better system to have a better sound but the time of installation often harms in spontaneity of the recording.

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