vendredi 9 juillet 2010

DICTAPHONIA volume 9 on HalTapes

DICTAPHONIA - Microcassette Compilation

Volume 9 - May 201

14 artists, 60 minutes of sound recordings made on microcassette, released on microcassette !

available on CDR for $7.00 postage paid USA and Canada; $8.00 Air Mail postage paid everywhere else

on microcassette for $6.00 postage paid USA and Canada; $7.00 Air Mail postage paid everywhere else

PayPal to: haltapes at gmail dot com

> This is a homemade product ! featuring simple homestyle packaging
with a black and white photocopy insert with artwork on one side and a list of the artists and their piece titles on the other,

packaged inside a plastic ziplock sandwich bag (CDR housed in a slimline jewel case tucked inside the bag)!



01) Krysten Davis
Tallahassee, Florida, USA
Unfaithful Reproduction

02) Keith Rowe
Vallet, France

03) Hal McGee
Gainesville, Florida, USA

04) Young Egypt
Madeira Beach, Florida, USA

05) Mannequin Hollowcaust
Kingsport, Tennessee, USA
barren syntax

06) Zebra Mu
Norwich, Norfolk, England
CD Player Static


07) Lucy Bonk & Travis Johnson
Saint Augustine, Florida, USA
six weeks of slavery

08) The Uh...
Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA
Orange Blossom Trails

09) Koobaatoo Asparagus
Corona, California, USA
Frank Rose

10) Lindsey Leepe
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Teddy Bear Spin Cycle

11) Mattin
Visby, Sweden
For Hal McGee

12) Craig Microcassette System
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Live Sunday, July 2, 2006 Madison, Wisconsin

13) Anton Mobin
Paris, France
Larsen Under A Bridge

14) Mental Anguish
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Frogs In A Cement Pond #1

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