jeudi 7 janvier 2010


Thursday, January 7th, 2010 at NK, BERLIN.
Le Grand Foutoir n°5.


RADIO ON - Adrian Shephard & Rinus van Alebeek (Berlin)
SAWATZKI (Violin-Berlin)
SVETOMUSIKA LAB (Steel guitar-Moscow/Russia)
EL GUSANO ROJO (SF laptop-Berlin)
MANECANTE (Laptop-Berlin)
LAIN (Laptop-Berlin)
DENIS Mc CARTY (Gyrathomics Radio-Lyon/France)
ANTON MOBIN (Analog circuit-Paris/France)


*Pulled in Dices*

Grand Foutoir is a game of improvisation pulled in dices.

It takes part with the regular events organize by the H.A.K. collective in France.

Already done 4 Grands Foutoirs in Orléans (France) : two editions at the gallery Images du Pôle, gallery Wall, and one under the big top of the TSRT circus.

For The fifth edition, le Grand Foutoir settles down in NK, Elsenstr. 52 - 2.Hinterhaus Etage 2 - 12059 Berlin Neukölln; with the delicious invitation of Julian Percy.

This referee pull with two dices the set list and the sound combinations of the concert.

-Dice number 1 : is to determinate how musicians will play

(The name of the artists is pull out a magic hat, according to the result of dice N°1)

-Dice number 2 : is to determinate how many minute they will play

The experiment will go on !

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