lundi 20 juin 2022

PURPLE CIRCLE (The French Dissection) on Wrong Revoution



Limited double CD-r 

In May '21 i recorded the 16 tracks that became PURPLE CIRCLE. They came about during an intense 2 day session of spontaneous linear composition where each new track directly informed how the next would take shape. The purpose was to avoid being swayed by over-considering either the music or the lyric/vocal. In other words, to be true to myself and my art. 

The album was quickly constructed and released and during this process i had the thought that it would be good to pass the tracks on with the idea that they were the first part of a CO-WRITING collaboration. With this in mind i contacted ANTON MOBIN (we'd been threatening to do a collaboration for some time) and ED END (who i've been collaborating with on his various projects since 2020). 

What i wanted was to give both ANTON & ED free rein to interpret the tracks as they wanted with the idea that when they'd finished i wouldn't change or add to what they'd done. In this way it seemed the balance between my work and their work would be equal and their collaboration would be as co-writers rather than remixers or 'hired help'. 

ANTON & ED both approached the project very differently, so from the first 8 to the second 8 tracks there's a real shift in mood and intensity. The work both of them put in is really quite special and they have helped create something wholly unexpected and original. 

An added bonus was that once my original music and vocals were removed entirely from the finished pieces there remained stand-alone instrumentals that were simply too good not to release! 

So here it is, 32 tracks and nearly 2 hours of PERFECT WRONGNUSS to blur the edges and palpitate the senses, all served up in the usual lovingly handmade package. 

All hail The French Dissection! 

Pete Hope

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