lundi 4 octobre 2021

[blank tape compilation] vol. 3 on Steep Gloss


■ is a blank cassette compilation (volume 3 in the series). 

C40 limited edition on STEEP GLOSS 

The 10 artists were asked to submit an audio piece, with a duration of no more than 4 minutes, utilising blank tapes as the sole sound source. The pieces were then combined, top-to-tail, exquisite corpse style, to create a gestalt, resulting in the two distinct side long pieces presented here. 

The artists were also asked to submit a 'blank' image, leaving the interpretation of which up to them. These images were then incorporated into the double-sided panels serving as the art accompanying the tape. 

"Nothing, I suppose. Just darkness. Absolute night." 
Paul Bowles

Further listening from the contributors: 

Andrew M. Jarvis 


Christopher David 


Rinus Van Alebeek 

Anton Mobin 

Karen Constance 

Hardworking Families 

Gustavo Torres 

Daniel Vujanic

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