samedi 14 avril 2018

Duo Yamagishi/Hyvärinen à La Ferme Ta Gueule!


Soirée privée 


Lauri Hyvärinen (Finland) : guitar
Naoto Yamagishi (Japon) : percussions


Lauri Hyvärinen

Lauri Hyvärinen (b. 1986, Helsinki) uses guitar as his main sound source. His sound and music related activities are of theoretical and practical nature, of which improvisation remains as his primary medium and interest.With a background in hardcore punk, free rock and free jazz, Hyvärinen now utilises the possibilities of improvisation, compositional and minimalist structures in search for shared and intensified social and spatial constructions.

Hyvärinen has toured widely in Europe and Japan. He has performed in festivals, concert series and venues such as Cafe Oto (London), Oorstof/Sound in Motion (Antwerpen), Improtest (Tallinn), GES21 (St. Petersburg), Pixelache, La-Bas Biennale, Akusmata Sound Festival, Helsinki Festival, World Village Festival (Helsinki), Time of Music (Viitasaari), Validi Karkia (Pori) and Himera (Turku).

In 2017 Hyvärinen was composer in residence at Stockholm’s Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) where he researched generative playback models for reproduction of so-called non-idiomatic music.

Hyvärinen has collaborated with musicians such as Ilia Belorukov, Natalia Castrillon, Sergio Castrillon, Hong Chulki, Léo Dupleix, Sandy Ewen, Seijiro Murayama, Jone Takamäki, Jack Wright.

In addition he has composed music for theatre and film and done multi-disciplinary performances with dancers and poets/writers.

Naoto Yamagishi

Naoto explore la musique d’avant la musique.
Né à Saitama au Japon en 1979. Il commence la batterie dés l'âge de 13 ans. Il a collaboré avec de nombreux artistes de différent domaines (musiciens, danseurs, poètes, photographe, artiste-média, calligraphie japonaise, ikebana,,,etc) au Japon et autour du monde.

Quelques rencontres : Isabelle Duthoit, Heddy Boubaker, David Chiesa, Anton Mobin, Jone Takamäki, Frédéric Blondy...

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