jeudi 5 mars 2015

SPLIT SCHEMA on Kassette Kult Tapes

Anton Mobin & Ayato
C60, cassette released on Kassette Kult Tapes
CD-R & download on Haltapes

Artwork : Anton Mobin & Ayato

Side A
Extension Idiomatique - Anton Mobin

1. Sauvage Stone Ondëk
2. The Right Up
3. Eco Ero
4. C'est Mal Parti
5. Return Loads
6. Vie Prochaine
7. Cross Complex

Live looping experiments and interaction between tapes, cassette players and microphones recorded and mixed at the Maïzing Studio, Paris, France in December 2014. 
Composed with Sony TC-D5M magneto, Sony TCM-939, Walkman Sony TCM-400DV, unbranded frontless walkman, Olympus S907 feedback dictaphone, Silver Tooth voice recorder, tapehead with some transportation tickets, radio, Coil Eagle, Sony ECM-719 and two Rode NT5 microphones. 
Cassettes are blank tapes, homemade endless tapes and hanwritten tapes by degradation with a knife of the iron oxide content in the magnetic tape.

Side B
Face à Face - Ayato

1. Episode 1_Season 1

Cut up recomposition series recorded and mixed at La Ferme Là, Olivet, France in December 2014.
Composed with a Yamaha MT120 multitrack recorder, a Fostex X-28H multitrack recorder, a Walkman Sony, a bent recorder Philips and an echo chamber Dynachord.
Playing in real time two tapes with two different multitrack recorders, which gives 4 stereo sounds side A in normal play and side B in reverse added to others sounds played au grés du vent with the others devices. Cassettes are from private collection, gifts, prepared and found tapes, archives...


cd-r version available on Haltapes...
For those who haven't got a cassette player in 2015 !
Mouaaahhhh !

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