jeudi 27 février 2014

Frequencies of Existence


Founded by Philippe Gerber in 2008, with Christopher Gilmore and Robert L. Pepper joining the management team in subsequent years, Alrealon Musique is looking back on its' 5 years in operation. In that time, 43 releases from artists around the world, have had the Alrealon Musique logo stamped on them. Having received critical acclaim and with a consistently high quality for each and every release, Alrealon Musique has become a leading label for the hard to define and musically adventurous. Frequencies of Existence: 5 years of Alrealon Musique, brings together old and new friends in a celebration of what has come before and what will come. The music contained here-in, is not easily categorized or described and that's fine by us!

Frequencies of Existence (part2) - v/a
released on Alrealon Musique (alrn038)
Artwork by Trey Crim

1) Black Saturn - VooDoo
2) MRC Riddims - Every Second
3) Leigh Wright - Doom
4) ARU & Boar - Awl Tikkr Bora Bora
5) Thorsten Soltau (featuring Marina Stewart) - Gr;m Cvltvre
6) DMC & Anton Mobin - Spiroïde Trap
7) Hezment & Heliocentrism - Still
8) [ówt krì] - Improbable Odds
9) Chester Hawkins - from away

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