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*** LONDON TOUR 2013 ***

05.05.2013 : London Improvisers Orchestra (guest) at St Mary's church

06.05.2013 : Boat Ting, trio w/ Benedict Taylor & Matt Chilton + many crazy artists : Steve Noble, Steve Beresford, Alex Ward, Adam Bohman...

07.05.2013 : Arch1, duo w/ Benedict Taylor + Matt Chilton & Daniel Thompson

08.05.2013 : Waiting Room, w/  Cementimental & Raxil4 , Adio Lawal-West & Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Benedict Taylor

09-10.05.2013 : recording sessions w/ Will Connor

11.05.2013 : OV LONDON PRESENTS: ART of the MOMENT, The Albert,
expected trio w/ Benedict Taylor & Illi Adato

My new, not really new, set up for this run in London. The prepared chamber becomes upgraded for 2013 = c50, with a microphone stereo plug on my walkman.

All this monster tour could not be possible without the precious help of friends in London Bened, Will and the support from promoters in town, Kunal and Klarita. Benedict Taylor organizes quite all this tour. Will Connor is the master kick ass curator of the Waiting Room gig !


5th MAY :

St Mary's Church
Stoke Newington Church Street
London N16 9ES

A special performance by the LIO that will commence at 8pm. 
Two sets of fine conduction and Improvisation Adm £6/4

First event will be totally special for me and i 'm probably unable to imagine what could happen in St Mary's church. Bened asks Steve Beresford if i could join the London Improvisers Orchestra on this event. i'm welcome ! i asked Benedict if i had the level to integrate such an orchestra ! a first time for me... Bened said yes...let me judge :)

Conducted and Free Improvisations

line up :

Steve Beresford, crackle box + melodica
Tasos Stamou, electronic saxophone
Ian Smith, trumpet
Loz Speyer, trumpet
Ansuman Biswas, drums
Lucas Santana, bottles + objects
Will Connor, percussions
Guillaume Viltard, double bass
Ivor Kallin, viola
Benedict Taylor, viola
Noel Taylor, clarinet
Neil Metcalfe, flute
Terry Day, recorder
Caroline Kraabel, saxophone
Adam Bohman, objects
Anton Mobin, prepared chamber + cassettes

Steve Beresford
Benedict Taylor
Caroline Kraabel
Noel Taylor

More about the L.I.O. :

6th MAY :

Boat Ting ! I'm very please to go back on the boat, where last year i saw for the first time Benedict playing amazingly viola. This time, I will play with him and my friend Matt Chilton on electronics.

There was a little confusion about this gig, booked since many months, but finally we are not announce on the fly...That's a shame when you consider the names on it, i'd love to have it for my collection wall !

Sibyl Madrigal + Alex Ward
Steve Noble + Steve Beresford
Roberto Sassi + Noel Taylor + Steve Noble
Adrian Northover + Catharine Pluygers + Adam Bohman
Benedict Taylor + Matt Chilton + Anton Mobin

7th MAY :

Members Club, Unit 1,
West Ham Arches, Cranberry Lane,
London E16 4BJ

2 duos + quartet
Benedict Taylor (viola) & Anton Mobin (prepared chamber, tapes)
Matt Chilton (electronics) & Daniel Thompson (guitar)

This event looks very cosy, intimate, i hope not too private...
i'm very please to meet Daniel and Matt again that night !

Photos, Robert Clarke, Arch1

8th MAY :

UNE NUIT DE BRUIT, curated by Will Connor. Cool dedication to use french in the title ! Many Thanks Will for all your efforts to sort out this special gig with artists such as Tim Drage (aka Cementimental) and of course Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, i'd like to meet since a long time ! And sure ! Also meet for a second time Adio Lawal-West, with whom i spent a really good radio night last year at Resonance FM !

Waiting Room
175 Stoke Newington High St‎
London, Greater London N16 0LH, UK

A special one-off alliance between noise artists, audio pioneers, visual artists and underground promoters!

Each act will perform individual sets followed by rare collaborations and improvisations.

After an impressive display of sound and technology last year in The Miller with his boxes of springs, rods, tongues of wood and other sound making devices, this Paris-based artist returns to the UK. Having developed his use of the radiophone over many years, Anton creates haunting sonic pulses through manipulation and intuitive shaping of sounds, that have earned him international recognition. (not my text ;p Kunal did)

ADIO & P23
A joint set from the improvised noise and dark outer spaceweaver Adio Lawal-West, performing with guitar, vocals and theremin, and P23 (aka Akoustik Timbre Frekuency) performing dark ritualistic percussion.


Noise and improvised music from this solo viola player. Benedict performs and records around the world as a soloist, as an ensemble performer, with improvisation groups, new music ensembles, electro-acoustic groups and full orchestras, in many of the world's leading festivals and venues.

Harsh noise, circuit bending, rough music. Special collaborative set with additional vocals and noise from raxil4.

With live visuals by Emily Bailey.

In association with:

Kaparte Promotions

Transient Constellations

and Chaos Theory


@ The Waiting Room
175 Stoke Newington High Street, London

£6/4 at
£7/5 on the door

11th MAY

OV LONDON "Art Of The Moment"
The Gathering Free Improv: open sessions, various artists

expected trio w/ Benedict Taylor (viola) & Illi Adato (percussions, electronics)
and participation as much as i can to the festival and meeting with the londoners musicians...

Participating Improv Musicians:

Maggie Nicols - Voice
Blanca Regina - Voice / Objects
Veryan Weston - Piano
Oren Marshall - Tuba
Phil Minton - Voice
Sylvia Hallett - Violin
Colin Webster - Sax
Georgina Brett - Voice / Electronics
Alan Wilkinson - Sax
Alison Blunt - Violin
Iris Ederer - Voice
Guy Harries - Flute / Electronics
Thomas Michael Kumlehn - Flute
Graham Dunning - Found Tapes / Electronics
Steve Moyes - Electric Cello / Guitar
Moshi Honen - Guitar
Dave O'Connor - Sax
Tuna Pase - Flute / Voice / Electronics
Anton Mobin - Objects / Electronics
Howard Lane - Percussion
Grahame Painting - Guitar
Illi Adato - Percussion / Electronics
Matthew Randle - Flute / Voice
Nadav Masel - Double Bass
Benedict Taylor - Viola
Kevin Poulton - Electronics
Stu (Genghis Attenburgh) - Electronics
Ricardo Tejero - Sax
Sue Ferrar - Violin
Dave Tucker - Electric Guitar
Craig Cigar Tamlin - Drums / Percussion
Noel Taylor - Clarinet
Cat Hope - Flute
John Coxon - Electric Guitar

Participating Improv Dancers:

Heidi Rustgaard
Hanna Gillgren
Lavinia Cascone
Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot
Antonio De La Fe
Manou Koreman
Petra Soor
Jan Lee
Mafe Toledo
Danai Pappa
Rossella Fiumi
Joane Auber Warren
Yasmin Rotkopf
Daniel Weaver

Participating Visual, Sound, Audio-Visual and OptiSonic Artists:

Alpha Beat Omega
Alphabets Heaven
Matt Black
Evil Zed
Fabrizio D'Amico
Hackspace VJs
London VJ Group
Machine WomanMatt J Sharp
Mr Faff
Blanca Regina
Seb Marx Gush Records

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