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"Abyssal Dive in Royal Waters" is now out on AMP-recs !! 

AMP-recs (Amplified.Music.Pollution) is established in Mexico since 2006 and curated by Arturo Ortega (aka .RR, Piscis...). Amp-recs release mainly online but also produce physical objects as cd-r with beautiful homemade design !
After Pangea, .RR and Art2fakt (Vincent Estève), I'm very please to announce my new release on the physical catalog of the label !
An important one for me due to the constant support from Arturo since years publishing my works two times online and now, for this incredible production !


I have took some bears before posting because I was very touched by receiving the parcel from Mexico. I were totally hallucinated by the quality of that production, blow my mind , it is simply magnificent. Very affected by all Arturo did to make it possible and massively touched by all the precise and fine art : the design is a big success which make each cd an unique object.

I know the time and the energy it needs to product a such object. We are on this project since a long time, and now finally concluded, I feel doing a lot for the artists on H.A.K., but  probably never so much than Arturo did with this release on Amp-recs.
Congrats and I'm really grateful.

edition limited of 49 copies
# cdr004 - 2013

To buy one, contact the label or me directly...

Underwater and field recondings captured by Anton Mobin on Nagra ares m2 using home made contact microphones and hydrophone, at La Pyramide du Louvre in Paris (France) in May 18th, 2010.

Anton Mobin : recordings, edit, mix

Flavien Gillié : mastering

01 - Abyssal Dive In Royal Waters (25’57’’)
02 - Wet Rotor Drone (10’55’’)

Picts of the recording location :

Pyramide du Louvre, Paris

You can find some raw field recordings used for this composition on Aporee maps :

Pyramide du Louvre Paris :   

Pyramide du Louvre Paris Fuite :

Pyramide du Louvre Paris Buz :


Pics from the MASTER Arturo Ortega in his laboratory !

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