lundi 26 novembre 2012

PARIS RADIO TOUR with Bryan Lewis Saunders

Next days, i'm please to host and organize a kind of mini radio tour around Paris with my good friend, the american poet and sound artist  BRYAN LEWIS SAUNDERS !

Monday 26 November 2012 : 19:30/21:00
"Songs of Praise" on Aligre FM 93.1 (Paris)
duo Bryan Lewis Saunders & Anton Mobin
** Playlist & Podcast **
Merci à Cyril, Nicolas, Eric & Franq !

Monday 27 November 2012 : 15:30/16:30
"A Maïzing session with...#51" on KKWNE !!!
Sketches by Gorellaume

Tuesday 27 November 2012 : 

Recording session (solo) for Epsilonia / Radio Libertaire to be broadcasted on december 13th on Radio Libertaire 89.4 FM and streaming ! Bryan thought to a special program for Epsilonia with a radiophonic approach and bring the listeners into a real documentation of "The Third Ear" project !
It was simple, quiet, clear, sometimes incredible, often crazy, impressive and so efficient !!! Totally radiophonic, a sonic experiment telling on air...just great

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