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Start 18:00 (gmt+1)
on the webradio KKWNE !


RINUS VAN ALEBEEK (nl) : Cassettes
Rinus van Alebeek becomes an usual guest of A Maïzing Session With...
The fourth time
Rinus settles down in the Maïzing Studio and performs !
This fourth broadcast will be shared in duet with Rinus and we shall have the possibility of performing our duo She Will Be Beautiful. Instead of writing another text to present Rinus for the thousandth time, go for a quick reminder of Rinus's Maïzing Session !
The first one was crazy with Harold Schellinx, AMSW#8 ! A kind of strange meeting with two dutch men who keep talking dutch during two hours, while i played my prepared chamber. Test it...if you speak dutch !
Second time was a good experiment for the next sessions at home. We were 4 during the AMSW#19 ; Rinus, Ian Linter, :such: and me. First time i asked for a solo of each artist. With a good recording by Ian Linter, the session# was released on Off/Bruma titled "4 solos". Grab it !
The third radio show was with Julie Rousse, AMSW#33, and i remember a beautiful improv together !

Well, just before the DIKTAT Trans-Atlantic Tour, i'm pleased to welcome home Rinus van Alebeek for some events in Paris with Diktat (Harold Schellinx, Jean Bordé & Emmanuel Rébus) at Trashvortex on september 13th, 2012, and a solo recording to be broadcasted on Epsilonia, radio libertaire, on September 20th, 2012.
Stay tuned @rinusnews and @diktat_us !

ANTON MOBIN (fr) : Cassettes
Host of A Maïzing Session With...
And what else !?

Program :

- Rinus van Alebeek solo
- She Will Be Beautiful

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