jeudi 28 juin 2012


Ideated and produced by Rinus van Alebeek for Staaltape.

You can visit at Staaltape website
the first edition of Four Corners Of The Night


This is the second year several field recordists are mobilised to record the shortest night of the year, on June 20th, 2012, solstice d'été, 23:08

How to compose for a release on cassette ?
This question will have been in the heart of this new sound experience 'Four Corners Of The Night"

Starting point : the recording
How to record sounds to be produce on cassette ?
Last year i made classical soundwalk recordings using Nagra ares M2 with stereo microphone and coil sensor microphone. This year I decided to turn into a real analog set up and use a Sony, TC-D5M capstan servo control stereo cassette-corder with sendust & ferrite head, dolby system with a stereo Audio-Technica ATR6250 and a mono home-made hydrophone, built by a famous artist - delivered defective -. 

June 20th, 2012, after AMSW#43, I met Lysvia Maïz in le Marais in Paris. 23:05, we settled Quai d'Orléans, at Isle-Saint-Louis, in front of Notre-Dame and Saint-Louis bridge, closest to the water, at the edge of La Seine...
Recording like in an improvisation mode, due to the machine : TC-D5M - note that the M is again bigger than the other capitals - is really an amazing solid and beautiful device, more intuitive than a precious Nagra.
I played microphones. I played finally more the magnetophone itself and test the different possibilities of my sound devices. Something more about real time recording performance. . .
A kind of edition in real time of the recording process...
Definitively a good experience, even if I need more batteries for a next time !
With full batteries you are not able to record a full side of 30 minutes, arf...

A suivre...

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