mardi 7 février 2012


Last January 19th, 2012, I played in duo with Rinus van Alebeek at Udo Bar, a lovely unconfortable and inappropriate bar for 'experimental music' in Paris. Here, people only want to talk, drink and fucked up the music of any style. I cannot blame people for not being rather attentive to the sound to my taste. Simply, I blame myself to accept to play in this kind of place, because i know what is my feeling after the show : I feel sick in my sneakers. It's not the first I play in this kind of place in Paris, I'm able to name a few after-work pub for hype people in Paris which claim to propose an alternative ; each time I am in a place like that i wonder seriously what i do there ? And of course each time i wish it's the last time (?). Nevertheless, my comment would not be complete without mentioning the positive points and first of all the kindness of the bosses, who on the whole, are for nothing in my analysis there. As I have already written, I have to peel numerous places in Paris, to organize numerous evenings in the capital and rare are another times when the managers offer a beer. It was the case here with an extreme generosity... Would the drink be a climax to accept the rest ? For my part not.

"Oh, have you got a PA?"
"Yes! a tiny 5.1 in the ceiling!"

Here is the point which infuriates me. How we can organize evenings by having concerts nothing else has to propose that a pitiful home cinema as a sound system. Again it's not the first time...Because of another problem in new technologies : the fashion to think of "multi-diffusion" in a pub. It is the subject which I shall peel widely in a book when the time will have come...

Anyway... Thanks to Jeff Surak at Zeromoon who captured these videos and thanks to Blenno who did his best to cover our illicit sound activities.

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