lundi 19 septembre 2011


Hal McGee & Anton Mobin
Released on Hal McGee Tapes

Two 30-minute 4-track audio collage tapeworks of home studio and field recordings plus minimal electronics by Hal McGee and Anton Mobin.
Artwork by Anton Mobin
Mix, master & production by Hal McGee

You are advised to play it loud.
Also available on cassette for $6 postage paid USA / Canada, and $8 elsewhere...
Order : haltapes at gmail dot com

A few months ago, the american hometapist HAL McGEE (master of homemade experimental electronic music since 1981 and pionner of the "cassette" movement) makes me an honour by asking for a collaboration together. I sent to him one hour of my own field recordings and one hour of live improvisation recorded at home. Hal mixed these two hours with his two hours of sounds, making this furious sound collage for your listening pleasure !

Hal McGee's mixing set up

> You can also discover all the collection of Hal's production, HERE !

Original artwork by Anton Mobin on A4 paper,
with magazines from London, Berlin and Paris

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