mercredi 1 juin 2011

SURVEY0014 on Classwar Karaoke

Published by Classwar Karaoke
May 2011

Featuring 49 participants ! check it !!
Clout for aταραξία, albeit viz seinsfrage, viz aufhebung, albeit as datum continuum. our haul – say, coitus ataraxy, or abbau with certain travails - sees an attenuated quang duc sic some micrortonal prog elvis, in arithmetical reverses, alighting upon ὀμφαλός γῆς omphalós gẽs … that is the pyre, the grapheme of miletus. These ploughshares are circuits: 49 this time – of the conduit-kind...

Curated by Adrian Beentjes, Anthony Donovan & Jaan Patterson
Genre: Avant grade, field recordings, musique concrete, experimental, electroacoustic
Length: 04:06:54

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