mardi 5 avril 2011

International Email Audio Art Project - volume 12

Volume 12 of the International Email Audio Art Project is now available:
65 tracks featuring these artists:

Noise Research (UK), Corporal Robot Lips (USA), Dave Fuglewicz (USA), Haji & Lezet (Serbia), Otto von Rhinau (France), Morpeth/To-Bo (Poland/Germany), Fiver's Stereo (USA), Dust That Collects (Canada), Genetic Trance (Ukraine), Urdwyg The Golderr AKA Filthy Turd (UK), Tod auf Kredit (Germany), Plukx (France), Ben Sacco de la pena de los zebros and Plukx (France), Half An Abortion and Jon Thoresen (UK/USA), Dongle Doc (France), Soliton (UK), resonan and Stupid Opium (The Netherlands / USA), Klver (France), [ ] (France/Belgium), Familiars (UK), Consistency Nature & Vziel (USA/Ukraine), Montgomery Cantsin (Catalunya), Shivanoise (Lithuania), Igloo Martian and Koobaatoo Asparagus (USA), Thee Virginal Brides (Canada/Israel/USA), Nequam Sonitus (USA), Dongle Doc & Anton Mobin (France), Vziel & Mat Gabo (Ukraine/France), Tsiftsis (Argentina), Crash Duo (France), Hollywood Video Game Kill-Bot (USA), Seiei Jack (Japan), Zreen Toyz & Hal McGee (USA/France), Jeremy Gluck-John West-Matt Ellis (UK/Canada), Deerpark (USA), Jiblit Dupree (USA), Zreen Toyz (France), >wirewall< (USA), Der Domestizierte Mensch + Problem Anderer Leute (Germany), La Flore Intestinale & Hal McGee (Canada/USA), WÜST / Graupner / Haas / Bargeld (Germany), Jared C. Balogh (USA), FIRSTTAKE(steamprod:) (Switzerland), pganickz (USA), VEhF/Jeremy Gluck (India/UK), Nipple Stools (USA), Ironing (USA), Ironing & Vziel (USA/Ukraine), Rolna (Hungary), The Fungus Moth (UK), Ophibre / Sean Reardon / Eric Miller (USA), Bwaka Ng Nyo (Philippines), Mat Gabo and Hal McGee (France/USA), Hopek Quirin & Hal McGee (Germany/USA), Ayato & Hal McGee (France/USA), Jeremy Gluck and Pat Cooksey (UK/USA), Cementubbish (UK/USA), Synthrax (Norway), YMMV (UK/USA), Björn Eriksson (Sweden), Travis Johnson + Rubbish (USA), Projexorcism (USA), Paltarius (Canada), Seiei Jack and Mat U. Stone (Japan/France), Nequam Sonitus, Jamison Williams, Tree, Joe Billingsley, Franco Migliolo (USA), and special artwork contribution by Kera MacKenzie (USA).

The project is now complete and terminated on April 2, 2011. 725 total contributions on 12 volumes.

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