vendredi 8 avril 2011

EYE FOR EARS - Anton Mobin (by Jérôme Fino)

EYE FOR EARS by Jérome Fino
«macro-video for musicians in action»

This project juxtaposes different experimental musicians. Each artist was asked to improvise sound work. The short video are documentations of these processes. The sequences zoom on instrument's details and musician's gestural. The focus is locked, the environment disappears, the camera is used like a machine to decorticate the sound. Eye for ears propose a music notice, an instinctive music played like a game. Diversion and research take part of this game, which rules are redefinied each time.It's almost a physical experience, the sources of sounds and the relation between movement, materials and oscillation become evident. Documentation about improvised music, the project «Eye for ears» is also an essay on the film and its soundtrack. During the shooting, the sound and the image was recorded separetly, and synchronized on the editing. A portrait of the machines, manipulated by their invisibles creators. The differents sequences transmetted the possibility for everyone to play a DIY music.


Sound : Anton Mobin
Instrument: The Prepared Chamber
Place: The Maïzing Studio
Eye For Ears - 03.2011 (Macro-Session)
Filmed & realized by Jérôme Fino

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