mardi 22 mars 2011

International Email Audio Art Project - volume 10

Volume 10 of the International Email Audio Art Project is now available:

featuring tracks by these 60 audio artists:

José L. Oliva Benedé (Spain), Chuse Fernandez (Spain), Gushing Cloud (USA), Zreen Toyz (France), M.Nomized (France), Our Dictator (UK/Australia), Herr Penschuck & Jaan Patterson (Germany), Anton Mobin & Hal McGee (France/USA), Pregnant Spore (USA), Zreen Toyz & Elemental Noise (France), Jeremy Gluck and Hal McGee (UK/USA), Jack Hertz (USA), Rolna + Djozr (Hungary/USA), Jeremy Gluck & Jaan Patterson (UK/Germany), The Implicit Order & undRess Béton (USA/Germany), undRess Béton & Stalaktos (Mexico/Germany), Dada AG & Jaan Patterson (USA/Germany), c-c (USA), Wayne Mason (USA), To-Bo (Germany), Mat Gabo, Benoit Hixe, Anton Mobin & Julio Lloco (France), The Implicit Order/Hal McGee (USA), Christopher Costabile (USA), Antonio Sambi Mendoza (Spain), Jesus Laguna (Spain), lavas magmas (USA), Anton Mobin and various artists (France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Portugal, UK, USA), Soliton (UK), One Infinite Loop (USA), Murmurists (UK), Urdwyg The Golderr AKA Filthy Turd (UK), Reve Steich (Germany), Hed Zeppelin (Austria/France/ Germany/UK/USA), Lord Litter & Charles Rice Goff III (Germany/USA), Hopek Quirin/Horst Riemenschneider/J.B. (Germany), Cement Teddies (Germany/Italy), Jared C. Balogh, Sinus Buds & Lezet (USA/USA/Serbia), Josh Boutwell & David Wampole (USA), Wüst (Germany), Spidey Agutter (UK), Yerunda Projet (Ukraine), Lord Litter (Germany), AUI & Hal McGee (Ukraine/USA), resonan and Hal McGee (The Netherlands/USA), Hyaena Fierling Reich (Portugal), Vziel Projet & undRess Béton (Ukraine/Germany), Hal McGee remixed by Hyaena Fierling Reich (USA/Portugal), Enstruction (USA), Ironing (USA), Origami Boe (Norway/Canary Islands), Timur Dzhafarov (Ukraine), Hopek Quirin (Germany), Jochen Arbeit/Hopek Quirin (Germany), Der Domestizierte Mensch (Germany), Luther Blissett (unknown), Keahota hota / Vziel Projet (US/Ukraine), Le Scrambled Debutante vs. Hal McGee vs. PBK (USA), David Wampole and Dave Fuglewicz (USA), Tree and Travis Johnson (USA), To-Bo, Das Gonob Quasiforma (Germany/Ukraine)

The IEAAP will terminate on April 1, 2011.
Please note that I will continue to accept contributions all the way up to the termination date of April 1st. If at that time I do not have enough tracks to fill up a 60-track volume I will continue to accept contributions until 60 have been received.

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