jeudi 6 janvier 2011

Stream of Unconscious by Bryan Lewis Saunders

"Stream of Unconscious (Narrative Mode)" Volumes 1-10+
Various Artists
Words by Bryan Lewis Saunders
Coming soon in 2011 on STAND UP TRAGEDY

1-"Replicate" by Hopi Torvald
2-"Red Bugs" by Kommissar Hjuler und Frau
3-"The Confessor" by Razen
4-"I Pickle All Enemies" by Ad Beentjes, Anton Mobin, Murmurists, Thomas Fernier, undRess Béton
5-"White Surrealist Nihilismus" by Yoshihiro Kikuchi
6-"Revenge of the Dolphins" by Christopher Fleeger
7-"Identity Technology" by Lee Gamble
8-"Dream Vacations" by Lnguage of Light
9-"Psycho-Drama" by Teeth Collection
10-"Squirrel Party at Sally Fields" by Adam Bohman and Adrian Northover
11-"The Severed Head" by Love Execution Style
12-"Your Excellency" by Hopek Quirin
13-"Methamphibians" by Z'EV
14-"Crazy Is Special You Are For One" by Offerings
15-"Knife Dreams" by Lydia Lunch
16-"The Weaver Box" by Requiem
17-"Pyro" by John Moloney
18-"Michael Moore's Snuff Film" by Sinus Buds
19-"Double Sleep" by Leif Elggren
20-"The White Flag" by Michael Esposito

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