jeudi 4 novembre 2010

International Email Audio Art Project - volume 1

60 one-minute audioworks by 60 international audio artists from
Ireland, France, Belgium, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Australia, the UK, Canada, and USA:

Totem Mold Growth (USA), Pregnant Spore (USA), NXP (Norway), Jack Hertz (USA), Maarten van der Vleuten (The Netherlands), Goh Lee Kwang (Malaysia), Lubrication (Republic of Qazingulaza), Deerpark (USA), Rubbish (USA), Massimo Magee (Australia), Screwtape (Australia), Post Mortem (The Netherlands), The One Hitters (USA), Tullio DeSantis (USA), Kyle Willey (USA), Tokyo Sleep Police (England), Filthy Turd (England), Cranial Drill (USA), Jazznoize (Spain), kx - second lost puppy revolte (Germany), Ronny Wærnes (Norway), Sarah June (USA), RP Collier (USA), Zebra Mann (USA), Daniel Prendiville (Ireland), Clutter (UK), The Beautiful Room is Empty (USA), Seth Horvitz (USA), YMMV (UK), Torstein Wjiik (Norway), Enstruction (USA), Charles Rice Goff III (USA), Kristian Day (USA), Scissor Shock (USA), chefkirk (USA), Jeremy Gluck (UK), gintas k (Lithuania), BBBlood (UK), Kristof Lauwers (Belgium), Dave Fuglewicz (USA), Lord Litter (Germany), premo-vs-the world (USA), Hybrid Frequency (Colombia), Anton Mobin (France), MaCu (Austria), Jerk Kerouac (Malaysia), David Wampole (USA), Sean T Wright aka StaticJack (UK), Daniel Steffey (USA), Brian Green (USA), Buzzsaw & The Shavings (USA), Violence and the Sacred (Canada), Nux Vomica (USA), Otto von Rhinau (France), Y.D.B. (Belgium), Cheapmachines (UK), Snagus Fanglebush (USA), Otolathe (USA), Douglas Burkett (USA), My Brother Daniel (USA).

The Homemade Music Movement has grown from the roots of the Mail Art Movement, and in order to pay due respect and acknowledge these origins, Hal McGee proposes an international EMAIL audio art project in which contributors will send to me a one-minute miniature audio work in mp3 format (plus visual works if desired) attached to an email. These works will be published together in volumes online.

> Volume 1 of the
International Email Audio Art Project is released on HalTapes label !

This project was created and is curated by Hal McGee !

/L i s t e n / n°44 : Blocked Sender by Anton Mobin /

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