jeudi 1 juillet 2010

RADIALX 2010 (July 2010)

Till July 1st 2010 from July 4th 2010
International Festival of Radio Art based in Lisboa, Portugal

with various international artists...

FRIDAY, JULY 2nd, 2010
at 12:30 pm

Anton Mobin - "Day by Day" | 27:13

The composition “Day by Day” consists in creating a part of 3 minutes 24 seconds every day during one week (8 days) for a radiophonic piece of 27 minutes and 13 secondes.
The method used for the creation is mainly sound collage, tape manipulation and live improvisation. The 3'24" format is a very representative radio format (single edit) and imposes fast choices and precise assembly and editing; by sequences chosen for their emotional or significant contents of the important moments of every day.

The recordings are mainly centred around my musical activities (field recordings and improvisation) and social relationship; the nature and commonplace sounds of the everyday life. My main interest and the main part of my radio works is to return thanks to the sound just for the sound, for the beauty of details, the harmless sounds which fill our everyday life and which we do not give or just a little attention.
Every day is continuous set of trivial sounds, linked chronologically as a retrospective waterfall of many events.

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