dimanche 18 avril 2010

Floating Wood on Green Field Recordings


Realisation : Anton Mobin

(20 minutes)

Calm and surrealist nothing is real in the composition which combines Improvisation & Field Recordings.

Devises used for field recordings:


in The washhouses of Avaray and in the river called Le Lien (Cher / France)

-Contact microphones

Buried in the sand in Le Croisic (Bretagne)

A bottle-boat Immersed in the sewers of Paris

-Nagra Ares M2

For all the recordings in location (France)

the wind in Crozon-Morgat (Bretagne)

Flys in Le Croisic (Bretagne)

Animals in the Zoo de Vincennes (Paris) : monkeys & birds

Ducks around the Serpentine in London and around the Spree in Berlin

sound effects in all these locations

THANKS to Luis Antero !

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