mardi 3 février 2009


No use starting something before a first contact with me...

> Contact me first ::: antonmobin(AT)hotmail(DOT)com


-You simply have to improvise a sound using the previous impro as "witness".
-Your improv must have the same duration than the previous one.
-No overdub...

- To download the previous sound : click on the small diskette under the player...


- Generally, Artists have one week to send me their improvisation.

When your improvisation is realized, send me ONLY your track, in the .wav format (via a server of on-line storage or upload on your site).
Once i received your track, I upload your sound in a player, ready to be played on-line by the listeners, separately or simultaneously with the previous one...Or with another one randomly !

Don’t forget to give me these INFOS for the website:

Devises used for your improv':
Your link on the web:


This project is under a Creative Commons license or free art license you choose...

There‘s not fees for your participation.

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